Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Don't Like Barack? Then You're a Racist

In response to that conservative Tea Party rally stuff on Tax Day, Janeane Garofalo had these well-formulated, and searingly logic counterpoints:

She must've thought she was so clever when she realized "Tea Party" was similar to "Tea Bag." And I love Keith "Got Canned by SportsCenter" Olbermann giggling in the background. What an impotent joke-in-the-box he is.

I just love the dismissive prejudice demonstrated so perfectly by Garofalo.

1. The President is black
2. Conservatives don't like the President
Conclusion: Conservatives don't like the President because he's black

Because like other (German accent) Wunderliberals, it is unfathomable for any reasonable and/or intelligent person to not love Barack. The only "people" who don't like Barack are a subspecies of lowbrow, racist, ignorant, cousin-fucking simians. They're known as Conservatoids.

I don't care that Barack is black. I care that he's pink and gradually growing red. Red as in the Red Menace.

But that's kind of an exaggeration. Unlike the Tea Partiers, I don't think Barack is a socialist... yet. I do have major concerns when the White House terminates the CEO and board of General Motors, though. That just irks me. And I don't like that the few bucks I pay in taxes go to companies that ruined the economy.

So, Janeane, the issue for most of us conservatives isn't a black/white one, it's a white/red one. Or whatever color capitalism is represented by. Green?

And just for fun, Michael Douglas's kickass speech in Wall Street. I wish Congress talked to the execs of these fucked up government funded failure companies like Gordon Gecko talked here:

In summation, the color on the protesters' minds was green, not black. But try convincing Garafolo or other Wunderliberals.

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