Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Forward: Obama's New Slogan

Barack Obama's campaign has come up with a new slogan. It's inspiring, abstract, vague, and includes the letter "O," which means that Obama's logo can be used as a letter.

But all it reminds me of is The Simpsons. Apologies for the low quality of the clip. It was the best I could find.

It's not a bad slogan. Ingenious, actually. It's powerful, but also allows people to envision their own idea of what "Forward" means. Then they think that Obama is for that particular idea. So people think Obama is fighting for their particular idea of what "Forward" is. It's an ambiguous message phrased directly. It's the type of brilliance that has been the cornerstone to Barack's success as a campaigner.

Of course, I doubt that having this "Forward" looking campaign will stop Obama from looking back on the Bush administration and blaming it for our debt. But I digress.

If Obama is re-elected, I'll be hoping to fast-Forward the next four years. HAHA...

I amuse myself so much.

Don't feel silly if you tried to click the above image. I did it too.