Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Anarchists Invade London

Royal Bank of Scotland stole my sleeves!

You have got to love when anarchists organize. People against organization coming together and organizing to protest organization.

The G20 is meeting in London, and thousands of protesters are making a scene, clashing with police, vandalizing property, and generally being a nuisance.

The City of London advised many bankers today to not wear suits in order to avoid being a target. In true British "fuck em" style, they wore their suits.

I just love these losers. They blame banks and governments for all the problems in the world. Their solution: no more banks and no more governments. Also known as curing the headache by cutting off the head.

Because before banks, things were great, and everybody lived happily. They were all subsistence farmers and had to pay tribute to their local bully (also called a knight). But they didn't have credit card debts or mortgages.

Then there was that time before governments. When if you wanted something, you simply killed your neighbor for it. Great deal if you're in shape and/or have access to a big club.

Look at me! My shirt's around my neck and I lost my belt! I'm a rebel!

And what affect do these protesters have? By now, all these global summitts are accustomed to them. Barack doesn't care about the protesters. He and the Queen couldn't give a rat's ass.

We represent the Lollipop Guild...

Neither do the President of France or the Chancellor of Germany. they're having a blast:

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All the protesters do is make shit hard for working class people who just want to use the subway. The working class folks have to pay the taxes to pay for all the extra security. The working class folks who can't get to work because a thousand losers in masks are being loud. The working class cop who gets attacked just because he's a cop trying to protect people and property.

And why should we be anarchists? It seems like most of the G20 nations are satisfied with the Democratic and capitalistic systems. We're happy to play the game, make some money, buy a house, raise a family, and retire in Arizona. These anarchists and protesters are so unbelievably selfish. They think that they should decide how the world works, and nobody who disagrees with them has the right to live any other way.

Fuck these clowns.

And where are all the Europe-loving liberal bastards who want the US to join the EU? You know, the men and women who bemoan the incivility of the U-S-of-A and tout the merits of those cosmopolitan continentals across the pond? They're probably wearing a black ski mask and throwing bricks at windows, because it's the cool, European thing to do.

It's hot out

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