Monday, April 27, 2009

Air Farce One

Taken by NY Times reader Jim Brown
Just an absolutely moronic thing happened this morning in New York. The backup of Air Force One flew a few low level laps around Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. The plane was escorted by a fighter. It was all part of a photo-op, taking shots of Air Force One flying near Lady Liberty, that kind of thing. Although the FAA and New York City officials knew about the flight, they were instructed NOT to publicize the event.

That's just insanely smart, isn't it. Why not fly a 747 at extremely low altitude around lower Manhattan. And hey, why not take a B-29 bomber and do a flyover of Hiroshima and Nagasaki while you're at it.

Obviously, this was a decision made by morons. Furthermore, how does flying a 747 around reduce carbon footprints, and all that other green stuff?

I'm not blaming Barack, but if something like this had occurred while Bush was President, Michael Moore would have made 2 documentaries about it, MSNBC would have crucified an effigy of Dick Cheney, and a loudmouth member of the House would have tried to impeach Bush.

To me, it's just another indicator of how DUMB the underlings of those in power truly are. Buildings were evacuated, people panicked, the DJIA dipped 40 points in 2 minutes. I'll give credit to the Administration for being quick on their feet in explaining the flyover, but whoever concocted these plans and made the decision to actively avoid telling the public should be skinned.

NY Times

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