Monday, March 09, 2009

What Kind of Ally is Barack Obama?

A few days ago, Prime Minister of England Gordon Brown visited Barack Obama in the White House. As is done in these types of meetings between world leaders, there was an exchange of gifts. Gordon Brown gave the President a pen made from the wood of a British ship that patrolled the seas hunting for illegal slave ships. Barack gave Brown 25 DVDs. What? No Best Buy gift card?

But that's a small slap to the face compared to the wholesale selling out Barack attempted through secret channels.

AP Photo

In an attempt to gain Russian cooperation and support in pressuring Iran, Barack was willing to sell out our Eastern European allies by abandoning our missile defense systems in Poland and the Czech Republic.

When the Russians went public with the secret communique (why would a true ally, which is what Barack wants Russia to be, publicize the proposal?), Barack did his best to dodge the issue:

"The missile defence that we have talked about deploying is directed towards not Russia, but Iran."

That's why they're in Poland and the Czech Republic? That's why they were used as bargaining chips with Russia? And how many nuclear missiles does Iran possess? Zero. How many does Russia? 5,200 warheads. It seems to me that missile defense is best employed against people who, you know, HAVE MISSILES.

Go to 1:55 for the missiles. After them, there's just fireworks

Russia doesn't like that Poland and the Czech have missile defenses. Russia doesn't like anything that gets in her way of being the dominant force in the region. They didn't like that Georgia has an oil pipeline.

And our President, instead of being tough with the Russians, was soft. He showed weakness. He showed a willingness to concede protection of our allies just to make his job easier in Iran.

If I were a country's leader, I wouldn't be thrilled about having Barack as a friend. Sure, I'd get some free DVDs, but I wouldn't get protection from geopolitical bullies like Russia.

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