Thursday, March 12, 2009

President Pelosi

Unprecedented spending. Ludicrous finger-pointing. Partisan politics. Pork. Division. Leftist social engineering. Barack Obama has the mandate and the approval rating to shove his agenda through Congress. But nobody in Massachusetts, or New York, or Pennsylvania, or Minnesota, or North Carolina, or Florida, or Ohio, or Oregon voted for Nancy Pelosi.

The US government is a system of checks and balances. Yet a Representative from San Francisco, and another from Newton, MA hold unbelievable individual power. Power given to them from their Party that controls Washington.

The Democrats, and Republicans for that matter, have been hypercritical of businesses spending money on golf tournaments, and business conventions, and corporate outings. Yet Pelosi flies around the country in a US Air Force G550, a $60 million plane that you and I paid for.

Here's the story. After 9/11, a special plane has been designated for The Speaker of the House. This makes sense. After all, the Speaker is 3rd to the President. But it seems as though Pelosi's turned a security measure into a private airline.

Here's an editorial that goes into more detail. But basically, some in the Pentagon think Pelosi overuses the aircraft. She often cancels prearranged flights, wasting the time and money it takes to prepare the jets. And she complains if her preferred jet isn't available.

In 2007, she wanted an even larger plane, a Boeing 757, which has a base cost of $80 million and can seat 50 people. It can also, unlike the G550, make it from Washington to San Francisco without stopping for fuel. Poor Pelosi has to stop in a red state to refuel her personal jet.

This is an hilarious quote that not so shockingly didn't get much publicity:

"Every month that we do not have an economic recovery package, 500 million Americans lose their jobs."

Firstly, there are 304 million people in America. That's it.

Secondly, let's say she made a mistake and meant to say 500 thousand. What the hell were they basing that on? And what in their economic recovery package stopped those jobs from being lost?

Barack Obama might be changeful, but his friends aren't. Pelosi and her Party have used the economic crisis as an excuse to railroad liberal legislation through the House and Senate, threatening an epic economic collapse if it didn't get passed ASAP, then justifying their decisions by labelling every item on their liberal wish-list as "stimulus."

I'm pretty liberal when it comes to birth control, family planning, STD prevention, all that stuff. I think kids should get taught sex ed. I think they should be taught how to use condoms, not instructed to be abstinent. And I have no problem with government funding these kinds of measures. SO LONG AS IT ISN'T DISGUISED AS SOMETHING ELSE.

Nothing typifies Washington better than the mislabeling of legislation. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was a tack-on of the Safe Port Act. How does stopping online poker make ports safer? And how does STD prevention programs stimulate the economy?

Building and repairing infrastructure stimulates an economy. Cutting taxes stimulates an economy. Helping people pay for college stimulates an economy. Military spending stimulates an economy. Flying in a private jet courtesy of the US Air Force doesn'st stimulate the economy.

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