Monday, March 02, 2009

Hillary's World Peace Tour

It's difficult to call Secretary of State Hillary Clinton soft on terror. During her campaign, she threatened to "obliterate" Iran if the shit hit the fan. But just a general question to all the sunshine and rainbow hope-o-crats out there...

How the fuck can you talk with Iran about anything sensible?

I don't think I could have a serious discussion with someone who thinks in a population of 66 million, there isn't a single gay guy, or even a girl who got some ideas at the club while listening to Katy Perry.

And I don't think I could trust someone who leads a government supported by the systematic terrorizing its own citizens.

So why the fuck even talk to these guys? Is it just a token appeasement of pussy countries like France? Or is it the same kind of anti-reality superoptimism that made Sean Penn fall in love with Iraq. You know, the type of BS overhope that flowed through the streets of Munich in 1938. And that worked out well.

Then there was her trip to China. For years, people have protested the countless injustices China perpetrates on her own people, as well as those people China CLAIMS as her own. But once again, the regime that promised "Change" has given us nothing but The Same.

Hillary went to China, even acknowledged their human rights problems, and in the same breath, dismissed them:

"[human rights issues] can't interfere with the global economic crisis, the global climate change crisis and the security crisis."

Could you imagine what would have happened to her in 1775 Boston if she said, "Hey guys, I know the British are infringing on our rights, but trade with them is good for our economy?"

Three words:

Tar and feather!

Imagine if Bush, or Cheney, or Rice, or McCain, or Palin said what she said. The liberals on the streets would wave their signs around, and the liberals on TV would criticize and chastise.

We're afraid of pissing off China. The United States hasn't been afraid of pissing anyone off since there's been a United States. But we owe China money. We like cheap Chinese products. We like selling cigarettes, beer, and McDonalds to 1.3 billion Chinese.

Read this.

Where's the hope? Where's the fucking change? It sure as shit isn't in China.

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