Thursday, March 26, 2009

The First Daughter: Alexandra Pelosi

So it's about 3 or 4 AM some weekday morning and as usual, I either haven't gone to bed yet, or I've already woken up. On HBO, there's a documentary, so I give it a shot. I like documentaries. This one's called Friends of God. Here's a pretty good example of what the film is:

Now, I think Creationism is wrong. I think Intelligent Design - the odious disguising of Creationism as science - is horrible. But I think people have the Constitutionally declared and inalienable right to believe in stuff I think is wrong. Alexandra Pelosi - the director/producer/cinematographer/writer of Friends of God, and daughter of House Speaker/Tsar Nancy Pelosi - seems to disagree. Pelosi spends 56 minutes letting Evangelicals make fools of themselves, essentially making fun of them, even belittling and dehumanizing them, because they believe in something they cannot prove.

For the record, I am not a Christian. I'm an agnostic with pagan leanings. If I pray, it's to Mars Gradivus, or Jupiter Optimus Maximus. But in the end, I'm really praying to myself, asking myself to be stronger or better.

The First Daughter made another documentary with the snappy, roll-off-the-tongue title of Right America: Feeling Wronged - Some Voices from the Campaign Trail. Here she is discussing it on WNYC:

To summarize the clip, she talks about conservatives as if they were a strange species of animal to be studied in their natural habitat. Then she vilifies Fox News. Then attacks the McCain campaign for not giving a Pelosi much access. Then she vilifies Fox News some more, because FNC is the ONLY biased news outlet in this country. Then she describes anyone who didn't vote for Barack as believing that he is Hitler and/or The Antichrist.

Everybody knows Christopher Walken is The Antichrist:


This kind of liberal belittlement of conservatives is a very old tactic by the far left. I remember in school reading From George Wallace to Newt Gingrich: Race in the Conservative Counterrevolution 1963-1994. This book argued that conservatives are conservative, and support Republican candidates, even if Democratic candidates can help people of their economic status, because conservatives are racists.

Now the en vogue liberal strategy is to belittle conservatives, and explain their strange, inconceivable, unbelievable, inhuman conservativeness with religion. Those 58 million McCain voters didn't vote for Hope and Change because they're blinded by hokey religions and moronic superstition.

Super liberals, who love words like "tolerance," are often the most intolerant, belittling, prejudiced people. More dangerously, they're smart. Wicked smart. And they know they're smart. They hate on Evangelicals for believing in something they think is stupid, then they hate on Evangelicals for not accepting other people's beliefs. They're hypocrites who are too self-assured and smug to self-examine and realize their hypocrisies. They think their farts smell like roses.

I wonder what Pelosi's next HBO documentary will be about? How Creationism caused the Credit Crisis of 2008? Why Jesus is to blame for the massive inflation of 2011? How if the US sold "The Red States" to China, it could pay off its $10 trillion budget gap?

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