Monday, March 16, 2009

Iran, Iran So Far Away

So about a month ago, an unmanned Iranian aircraft was shot down 60 miles outside Baghdad. The vehicle spent 70 minutes in Iraqi airspace before it was disabled by US fighters, then apprehended. Apparently, it was an unarmed spying vehicle.

Iran has been messing with us in Iraq for years and Barack just wants to turn the other cheek. I can't say I blame him. He's a weather vane, he points whatever way the wind is blowing. Also, what kind of war would be fought against Iran? No longer are we trying to avoid a 2nd Vietnam. We're worried about a 3rd Iraq.

Then again, Iraq's central government was displaced, disabled, and destroyed with amazing ease and speed. It was the agonizingly long time spent attempting to install democracy (odd phrase, eh?) that was the most costly and painful.

So why not remove Iran's central government with some cruise missiles, a concentrated armored thrust from Iraq to Tehran, and an amphibiously launched assault from the Gulf of Oman, slicing across the axis of the country.

You might not even need to send many ground troops in. James Bondesque assassinations might cut off the head of the snake, and with even more speed.

What happens after we leave, and some new strong-armed, likely anti-US government takes power? If they have the balls to mess with us, then they get removed.

But this will never happen. I can't imagine Americans supporting such an audacious and morally ambiguous war. I can't imagine the few allies we have in that region would be happy if we destabilized it even further. And OPEC would be pissed.

When can we invent a new kind of fuel so we don't have to care about what the people in that region think, do, or say?

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