Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Liberals Think You're Stupid

The cartoon omits the part about 48% of the country hating the bill and only 45% supporting it.

We all know Liberals think they're smart. Everyone thinks they're smart. But Liberals specifically believe not only are they smart, they're smarter than you. So much so, that for your own best interest, THEY should run YOUR lives.

After all, Liberals read the New York Times. You read USA Today, or rather, you look at the color pictures and "analyze" the charts. And that's if you read any newspaper at all. You probably just sit in front of Fox News and think whatever Glenn Beck tells you to think. And that, of course, isn't how Liberals relate to the Times. They just happen to agree with the Times, because they and the Times are both so utterly intelligent.

The thing about us Conservatives is that we really all talk with one voice. What Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin say pretty much speaks for us all. When two or three assholes at a Tea Party rally shout racial slurs, they're representing all of us. If one Conservative is racist and/or ignorant, it logically follows that ALL Conservatives are racist and/or ignorant.

And that's sort of why we need Healthcare Reform, even though about half of us didn't want it. Because the 48% of the United States that doesn't want reform, is wrong. We're stupid. This young woman pretty much speaks for me. She's against Healthcare Reform, I'm against Healthcare Reform, it's probably for the same reasons, right?

The 48% of us just don't get it, do we? We don't want something that's so obviously grand and desirable like Healthcare Reform. How could we be so stupid? Reform means "to improve." Healthcare is a good thing, so what's wrong with improving something good? Only an idiot wouldn't want to make a good thing even better.

Those of us that don't want our insurance premiums OR taxes to go up, we simply fail to understand that the legislation will somehow lower premiums and taxes. And we're just paranoid for fearing that Government estimates of costs are always grotesquely underestimated.

Those of us that want to maintain the quality of our own Healthcare, we're either too selfish to spend our money to pay for someone else's lung cancer treatments OR we just don't understand how forcing insurance companies to accept people with preexisting conditions will lower the cost of insurance. We also don't get the crazy notion that a house insurance company should insure houses that are already on fire.

I'll not discuss the merits, shortcomings, faults, and horrors of Barack's Healthcare plan. It's passed, it's going to happen. Honestly, I'm not too sad. Because if the Republicans can find a decent candidate in 2012, well they'll have endless ammunition to fire. There's just something about us Americans, we don't like it when Government tells us what we should want. We tend to do something about it.

I voted for Scott Brown, so did 1,168,106 of my fellow Massicans. He won an election, in the most Liberal enclave of the country, based on being against these Reforms. So what was Barack and Pelosi's response? To ignore us and go ahead anyway.

Who cares what voters in Massachusetts declared? Apparently a Commonwealth with Harvard and MIT is just as stupid and ignorant as Arkansas and Alabama.

And that's what this Healthcare Reform is all about anyway. It's The Government making decisions for us. Because we're too dumb to do things on our own. At least Bill Maher has the stones to admit what Nancy Pelosi and the rest of those lefty elitists in Washington are thinking.

And I can't say that I disagree with him. People can be really stupid. But isn't that their right? If I don't want to learn about history, I don't have to.

I consider myself to be smart. So why should I be forced to take care of the masses of ignorant (48% according to the Gallup poll on Healthcare Reform) drones out there?

We're too dumb to manage our own lives, yet we're somehow smart enough to select someone who is. Why even hold elections if we're so stupid?

Barack is patting himself on the back for this sweeping, groundbreaking, historic legislative concoction of his. Yet there's no mandate for such dramatic change to occur. More people are against it than for it. And even if the polls are in error, there's certainly no clear or decisive majority driving this legislation through Congress at such breakneck speed.

Barack can spout the word "bipartisanship," but when it comes down to it, he and the Democrats are only interested in bipartisanship if the Republicans happen to agree with them.

Abraham Lincoln famously said that this Government is "Of the people, by the people, for the people." Yet it hasn't listened to the people, it's ignored them. It claims to be working for the people, while at the same time dismissing them.

The loudmouth morons at Town Halls and in Tea Party rallies may be morons, but a moron gets 1 vote, a genius gets 1 vote. We're a lower-case "r" republic, which means that we choose people to REPresent us in Government. Not control us.

At least, that's how it's supposed to work.


Anonymous said...

Well written and right on point.

Imachicknamedbob said...

I believe it was Plato that believed Democracy was on the lower totem pole for forms of government. I have reason to believe he may be on the right track. I love the ideal of people governing themselves with a majority vote, but unfortunately we are left with the votes of the uneducated. This may not be a fault of their own, but it is a fault when we try to distinguish the validity of issues, based on the ideals of those who are not properly informed. That is an issue that may be more important than health care, considering the people voting on it may not be able to speak without profanity or quoting a liberal form of media. So I would like to see universal education before universal health care in order for the population to make an educated decision on their opinions on politics without losing a vote to an illiterate or uneducated person that has the same vote as me and others with a head on their shoulders. No offense to democrats, but many offenses to those that don't listen to both sides with complete indifference to either party.

Anonymous said...

Obama was elected on a platform that held healthcare reform in high priority. He won the presidency, and what do you know, he passed healthcare reform.

Sounds like sour grapes !

rob said...

And look how well he and the Democrats have done since he passed it.