Thursday, June 11, 2009

Miss California vs. Barack Obama vs. Dick Cheney

Miss California will be stripped of her crown, title, and duties. (Duties?) I don't care and neither should you.

But do you remember the whole Miss California debacle? She answered a question as part of the Miss USA pageant about gay marriage and became public enemy #1 for people like Perez Hilton and others.

I've gotten so good at tuning out meaningless media drivel that I never even heard what she actually said until my curiosity peaked a few minutes ago.

Kind of reminded me when some guy defined marriage in another superficial competition:

Eerie how similar their views on gay marriage are. Scary how differently they were treated. One was asked a political question in a beauty pageant, told the truth, and was vilified. One was asked a political question in a political pageant, told the truth, and it was ignored.

Loyal readers of this blog know how I feel about gay marriage:

Lone Star Tyranny
Iowa is More Progressive than California?

To sum up, I think two consenting, unrelated, and unmarried adults have the right to marry each other, regardless of gender. Marriage is a familial acquisition (in other words, a legal contract that makes two unrelated people part of each other's family). If a man wants to add a man to his family, then that's his right.

But lots of people don't like that idea. And as much as I disagree with them, I'm not going to HATE someone just for that.

But if I did hate someone just for disagreeing with me on one issue, I'd hate EVERYONE who disagreed with me on that issue. I wouldn't go after Miss California, then give Barack a pass just cuz he's so gosh darn loveable.

And where is the liberal criticism of Barack on this issue? Why can't they try to cajole him on this one issue if it's so important to them? Because for many liberals, it is an ancillary issue. They use the gay marriage issue to vilify conservatives as bigots. Hell, how much flak did Sarah Palin take for her quotes on gay marriage?

Then after they use the old "conservative=bigot" tactic, they shelve the issue until the next election. So Barack gets a free pass.

And Dick Cheney's stance on gay marriage gets swept under the rug:

Wow, this is friggin Darth Cheney here. And in this one issue, he's LEFT of Barack. Wow!

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