Friday, February 27, 2009

There Are Stupid Questions

I hate UConn basketball. In fact, I generally dislike the state of Connecticut. It's East New Jersey to me. But their head coach, Jim Calhoun, has become a personal hero of mine...

Backstory: The state of Connecticut, which runs UConn, has a budget deficit of $1.35 billion. So some (German accent) Kinderliberal (child liberal) wanted to ask Coach Calhoun - who makes $1.6 million a year - to consider giving part of his salary back.

Some remedial math for the reporter, and the two CT State Congresswomen who want to punish Calhoun for losing his temper at a stupid question. If Calhoun gave back ALL of his salary, that would represent 0.12% of CT's budget gap. Or, in term's of spending in a year, Calhoun's salary is equivalent to what Connecticut overspends in 0.43 of a day, or 10 hours, 23 minutes.

I'm not going to mention the name of the "reporter" or the names of the two Congresswomen. The reporter is a wannabe Gonzojournalist who thinks it's 1967, or maybe even 1767 and he's in a constant state of struggle against government oppression. And the two Congresswomen seem to be after statewide/national attention, and a piece of the 15 minutes of fame pie.

We seem to have a problem against success in this country, especially in the past few months. Jim Calhoun makes a lot of money, but he's also one of the best basketball coaches in the world. He's one of 7 people in history to have 800 coaching wins. Because of him and their basketball program, UConn is known far and wide. Their program brings in revenue that funds other programs at the University, athletic and academic. They bring prestige and noteriety to the school.

If you don't think Calhoun deserves $1.6 million, then scold the University for paying him as such.

Bob Stoops is an employee of the State of Oklahoma, and he makes $6.5 million. Louisiana pays Les Miles $3.75 million. The State of Florida pays Urban Meyer $3.4 million, and Bobby Bowden $2.5 million. But let's go back to basketball. Tubby Smith draws $2.1 million from Minnesota. Rick Barnes gets $1.8 million from Texas. And Ohio pays $1.75 million to Thad Matta.

Does Jim Calhoun DESERVE $1.6 million? That's not up to me is it? Nor is it up to some snively Hartford punk. That's up to the person who is PAYING HIM $1.6 million! Disagree with it? Take it up with the State, or the University. But asking a successful man to give back money because the people who pay his salary can't balance a checkbook is UN-FUCKING-AMERICAN!!!

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