Tuesday, November 15, 2005


My name is Rob. I am an economically conservative, socially liberal college student from Massachusetts. I live in the center of the liberal enclave known as Ithaca, NY. When I say center, I mean center. City Hall is my next door neighbor.

I am a supporter of George W. Bush because I feel that national defense takes precedant over most issues. This doesn't mean that I am for every decision he makes or policy he supports. I beleive in tax cuts for large corporations, but I also beleive in universal health care. The most important thing to me, politically speaking, is our ruler: The Constitution.

I am not a product of right wing spin. I don't watch Fox News. In fact, I don't have cable in my apartment in Ithaca. My news comes from the Associated Press, CNN.com, and Boston.com. When I am in Massachusetts, my television watching is limited to HBO and ESPN.

My first love is the Boston Red Sox, my second is the New England Patriots. I also love the Bruins, Celtics, and every other team that calls Massachusetts its home. Here is a link to my Boston sports blog.

Anyway, I hope to post consistently on this blog. I feel that the overwhelming amount of news in the world today will make finding topics easy. However, my school work often involves writing and I tire of it easily so at the end of the day I occasionally neglect doing more writing than is necesary for school.

A more regularly updated political blog is my brother's: Edit Copy. He and I rarely agree on a good deal of issues, but it is a well formatted blog and he is good at expressing opinions. He was trained as a philosopher by the Jesuits of Fairfield. That sounds more mythical than saying he was a philosophy major at Fairfield U, don't you think?

Anyway, that's me and my intentions with this blog in a nutshell. Enjoy.

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copy editor said...

Welcome to the fray.

Clever name.